5 Clips für „Moon“ mit Sam Rockwell


Sam Rockwell erfährt in „Moon“ die Einsamkeit der Astronauten. Nach jahrelanger Minenarbeit auf dem Mond, heißt es für Rockwell endlich „zurück nach Hause“. Doch je näher die Heimreise rückt, desto seltsamere Erfahrungen macht er. Steckt hinter den Vorgängen vielleicht sogar sein Auftraggeber?

Hier die Inhaltsbeschreibung von der IMDb:

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is nearing the end of his contract with Lunar. He’s been a faithful employee for 3 long years. His home has been Sarang, a moon base where he has spent his days alone, mining Helium 3. The precious gas holds the key to reversing the Earth’s energy crisis.

Isolated, determined and steadfast, Sam has followed the rulebook obediently and his time on the moon has been enlightening, but uneventful. The solitude has given him time to reflect on the mistakes of his past and work on his raging temper. He does his job mechanically, and spends most of his available time dreaming of his imminent return to Earth, to his wife, young daughter and an early retirement.

But 2 weeks shy of his departure from Sarang, Sam starts seeing things, hearing things and feeling strange. And when a routine extraction goes horribly wrong, he discovers that Lunar have their own plans for replacing him and the new recruit is eerily familiar.

Before he can return to Earth, Sam has to confront himself and the discovery that the life he has created, may not be his own. It’s more than his contract that is set to expire.

Die Stimme des Computers ist die von Kevin Spacey, die natürlich Assoziationen mit HAL-9000 weckt. Rockwell ist ja überwiegend ein Garant für interessante Rollen und er hat mich zuletzt auch „Snow Angels“ umgehauen. Ausserdem drückt der unverwechselbare Soundtrack von Clint Mansell dem Film einen besonderen Stempel auf.



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