Saul Bass and Psycho – A Visual Analysis

Interessanter Essay über die berühmte Duschszene aus „Psycho (1960)“ und den Einfluss von Saul Bass auf diese. Worum es im Detail geht, lasse ich den Macher selbst sprechen:

Carrying on from exploring Saul Bass’s influences and those he influenced, I decided to “zoom” into a specific time and piece of his to provide my critical insight.
I formulated my idea while reading about his work on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, I came across a small comment that suggested Saul directed the Shower Scene – the most remade scene in film history. This seemed like an interesting mystery to persue, so I sourced books, interviews and articles on the topic.

I came across the idea of visually minimalising the sequence into a series of basic shapes. Which is an approach Saul Bass used to create his posters. In a way I reverse engineered it.
For this reason it seemed logical to compose this piece as a short documentary.


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