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Trailer für die Oscar nominierten Kurzfilme (Live Action)

Gestern habe ich mich um die animierten Kurzfilme der Oscars gekümmert, heute kommen die Live Action Filme dran. Auch wenn es sich um Kurzfilme handelt, sind online bisher nur Trailer verfügbar, aber auch diese sind eine gute Entscheidungshilfe für den richtigen Tipp. Als Bonus teilt euch Lindsay Ellis aka Nostalgia Chick von „That Guy with the Glasses“ ihre Meinung über die fünf nominierten Filme mit.

The Shore

Joe (Ciarán Hinds) and Paddy (Conleth Hill) divided for 25 years by the tumult of „The Troubles“. When Joe returns home to Northern Ireland, his daughter Patricia brings the two men together for a reunion, with unexpected results. What happened all those years ago? Can old wounds be healed? The answer both hilarious and moving. THE SHORE is about one of the small personal reconciliations that coincide with a national reconciliation.

Tuba Atlantic

Everybody is going to die one day. Oskar (70) is going to die in 6 days. He is now ready to forgive his brother for a disagreement years ago. Will he reach his brother, who he believes live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, before it is too late?


Pentecost is a coming of age story of a young boy who learns how to rebel against his father and the community. Against his will, Damian Lynch (11) is called in at the last moment to serve as an altar boy at an important mass in the local parish. He faces a choice: either conform to the status quo or serve an extended ban from his passion in life, football.


Ein deutsches Ehepaar adoptiert in Kalkutta ein indisches Waisenkind. Als es spurlos verschwindet merken sie, dass sie Teil des Problems sind.

Time Freak

A neurotic inventor creates a time machine only to get lost trying to make yesterday perfect.

Oscar Cliffnotes: Live Action Shorts

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